The production company 15th Art Productions (Petnaesta umjetnost d.o.o.), based in Zagreb, Croatia, was founded in 2007 by the producer Hrvoje Osvadić and the director Goran Dević. Initially, the company was mainly dedicated to the production of documentaries, but it has recently expanded to the fiction films as well. The company has produced around 25 documentaries and short fiction films, as well as a 12-part documentary TV series for Croatian national television HRT. In addition to that, Hrvoje Osvadić has produced more than 600 different reality and entertainment TV formats in his career.

We are open to any ideas that can be turned into a moving image, so feel free to contact us.

Goran Dević

Hrvoje Osvadić

Production service

With our vast expertise, 15th Art Productions provides film production services in Croatia. The company has established a strong relationship with local film commissions, tourism departments and public authorities, which ensures we can provide each individual type of required production support.

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Petnaesta umjetnost d.o.o. za filmsku i TV produkciju